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Conferences Continue

An ever growing ministry of Doce Iglesias is the Pastoral Conferences. Through the generous support of 12 Churches donors, qualified theological and practical training for the 12 Pastors and their wives is taking place.  Last August, the group participated in a conference designed around pastoral and marriage counseling.  Over the weekend, and especially during the marriage counseling portion of the retreat, it was obvious that the couples were growing closer together and were opening up to one another.  Javier Sierra, of Asbury Theological Seminary, led the retreat.  A native Honduran, Javier understood the culture at once and was able to identify the needs of the Pastors.  We are grateful to the Holy Spirit using Javier in this fashion with 12 Churches.

This fall, Rev. Zaida Perez, also of Asbury Theological Seminary, will be traveling with her husband, who is also a Pastor, to Leon to conduct a Pastoral Retreat on Church History.  Zaida has recently written a book with world renowned Spanish Church Historian, Justo Gonzalez.  Zaida will be teaching from a Latino / Latina perspective and intertwining the nuts and bolts of the ever evolving theology of the South American culture. With the reformation taking place in Latin America as well as Asia, Zaida will skillfully train the Pastors on the part they are called to play in God’s story of redemption.  Zaida and her husband are Wesleyan and Pentecostal believers; therefore, the Board of Servants is confident in the theology that will be presented.

Again, thanks to all of your prayerful support of Holy Conferencing with our 12 Pastors and their wives.  We are seeing fruit in this area of our ministry together, knowledge is expanding and relationships are deepening. Most of all, the practical application of learning is being extended into the church communities through authentic relational ministry.