Church 11 – Oscar Perez

Pastor: Oscar Perez
Wife: Maria Teresa
Children: Maria, Kelvin, Jefferson and Aaron (Son-in-law, pictured)

Pastor Oscar and Maria Teresa have an incredible heart for ministry.  Their church is vibrant and growing.  Over the past few months, several people have received Christ into their hearts.  The God of peace and compassion is really moving in powerful ways through this ministry.

Maria Teresa is a very faithful and effective partner in this ministry.  She is heavily involved in church ministries and each Sunday she transports children to worship through bicycle powered cart.

They are blessed to have a group of active young people who minister by performing Christian dramas.  Their son-in-law Aaron is a leader in this ministry.  They are using this ministry as a dynamic outreach tool, traveling to different cities of Nicaragua performing.  

Their family is doing well.  They have three children and two sweet, active grandchildren Jemerson and Oscar.  


  •  Prayers for church leadership

Prayer Requests:

  • Family
  • Church growth
  • New ministries
  • Wisdom and spiritual growth