Church 2 – Felix Calderon

Church: Tercera Iglesia Bautista
Pastor: Felix Calderon
Wife: Maria Jose
Children: Maria Felix, Jose Antonio, Marlo

Felix has strong leadership in his church and good attendance.  He and his family are great. He is very excited because his church is growing and their ministry has been thriving. His church has also been blessed through the group’s food distribution for the community; the classes for the people and the compassion program that ministers to about 300 children.

The literacy program has 20-25 people from the landfill community in attendance. The students work diligently and exhibit a desire to learn reading, writing, and math skills. Several levels of workbooks are available and there are caring tutors who assist students individually at each session.  A meal is provided five days a week for the students and their young children. Pastor Felix begins and ends these times with prayer.

It is obvious that Pastor Felix is passionate about this literacy ministry as well as his ministries with children at his school. He is filled with gratitude that he is able to provide educational, physical, and spiritual opportunities for this community.


  • Continuation of literacy program

Prayer Requests:

  • Tutors in literacy program
  • Continued healing for the family as they mourn the loss of their son/brother
  • Increase church attendance by men in the community
  • Youth ministry
  • Feeding and food distribution programs