Church 3 – Pedro Espinoza

Church: Iglesia Communidad Cristiana
Pastor: Pedro Espinoza
Wife: Maria
Children: Paola, Rachel, Laura

Pastor Pedro, mentor pastor for the Twelve Churches in Leon, Nicaragua, and his wife, Maria, have three loving daughters. Pastor Pedro is blessed with a growing church with capable leaders. He and Maria are thankful for their sanctuary and look forward to the completion of a computer lab and classroom area. A resource library will also be available to the twelve pastors as part of the lab construction.

Pastor Pedro is leading the other pastors in the study Experiencing God, which they are all finding enlightening and rewarding and wanting more study opportunities.

Pedro acts a friend and mentor to each of the other pastors. He visits them individually and shares their joys and trials, and he meets with the whole group each Monday. Pedro and Maria play an important role in organizing mission teams and conferences for the pastors and their churches.

Prayer Requests:

  • Health of daughters—suffering from allergies, especially Rachel
  • Responsibilities of mentoring pastors and working with mission teams
  • Church leadership growth
  • Program for at risk women
  • Maria’s role in ministry
  • English Academy
  • Computer lab
  • Welding and carpentry school in the church
  • Leadership Academy