Church 7 – Freddy Lainez

Pastor: Freddy Lainez
Wife: Mirna
Children: Naomi, Darling, Anielka, Arelyz

Pastor Freddy and his wife Mirna are very active in church ministry and are great leaders in faith in their community and beyond.  He has planted four churches in other areas and oversees them all.

They are happy to report great success with their computer lab that is   serving the community. People have access to the lab two times per week. At this point, the majority of those utilizing the lab are simply learning how to use a computer. During the last visit of folks from Tallahassee, the lab appeared to be well organized.

The church also supports a tutoring program for children in the afternoon, youth ministry, a senior ministry and sewing program.

Pastor Freddy has a vision to acquire the adjoining property to house
a sewing training center. He already has three electric sewing machines,
a teacher for the classes, and a location next to the church to sell the clothes.

His wife is suffering with high blood pressure, but their precious children are doing well.


  • Sewing shop
  • Materials/guides for youth leaders

Prayer Requests:

  • House for family (presently living with mother-in-law)
  • Sewing shop
  • Wife’s health (high blood pressure)
  • Prayers for children
  • Program for art and music