Church 9 – Yader A. Orellana

Church: Iglesia Roca Eterna
Pastor: Yader A. Orellana
Wife: Fanny
Children: Yader, Katia, Israel, Sarai

Pastor Yader is doing well and so is his family. His church is growing, and they are very happy as God is blessing his community and the church. His leadership team is very strong and they are moving forward in faith to grow their ministry in the community.

Pastor Yader and his congregation of 32 members are in a “season of seeking God’s face.” His church members are focusing on spiritual growth with an emphasis on love, unity, community, and spiritual warfare. They support several small groups in the church. Church members are also in the process of raising money for a bathroom.

Pastor Yader expresses concern about the drugs that are prevalent in his community. He is also concerned about marriages and believes a marriage seminar would be beneficial to the community.

Pastor Yader, his wife Fanny, and their children are doing well. The oldest daughter is receiving counseling for low self-esteem and is with her grandmother. She is in school and considering studying accounting.


  • Medical clinic
  • Women’s conference and VBS
  • Soccer sports day
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Prayer walks

Prayer Requests:

  • For people to fall in love with church and where they serve
  • Strength and endurance for trials
  • Wife’s continued encouragement
  • Courage for church members to become leaders
  • Health for Family
  • Church Unity