Pastoral Mentoring

I. Ongoing Local Mentor Support

A. Weekly Pastoral Encouragement Group. Each of the twelve member pastors will meet at a central location and be lead by the Mentoring Pastor in reading and study of scripture to assist the member pastors in their sermon preparation for the upcoming week. The group will also foster to improve such pastors’ scriptural understanding and to encourage them in their personal walks with the Lord.

B. Biweekly Pastor Meetings. The Mentoring Pastor will meet individually with each of the member pastors every second week. The time will be used to discuss the pastor’s personal challenges, past and future sermons, equipping of leaders within church, congregational needs, and overall ministerial progress.

C. Mentoring Pastor Support At Services And Bible Studies. The Mentoring Pastor will

Pastor Pedro Espinoza, our mentoring Pastor

routinely visit and encourage pastors in their churches as they provide sermons and lead Bible studies. Such experiences should allow the Mentoring Pastor to identify areas for growth and to affirm the work that such member pastors are doing.

D. Assessments Of Congregational Needs. The Mentoring Pastor will work to learn not only the needs of the member pastor but also those of the congregations of each of the member churches. This will occur through ongoing and intentional conversations between the Mentoring Pastor and the member pastors. This will serve to best connect the resources of God’s church to the real needs of the local churches in Nicaragua.

E. New Ministry Concept Launches. The Twelve Churches pastoral team may opt to work together to launch joint ministry opportunities. The Mentoring Pastor can play a key role in developing such relationships.

II. Regular Training Conferences

A critical part of mentoring and growing the local pastors and the churches that they lead will be through regular training conferences. These conferences will be taught by gifted teachers and address such critical topics as developing lay leadership, using theological resources to better prepare and deliver sermons, and other topics as determined by the Servants on the Twelve Churches Board, in consultation with the Mentoring Pastor.

III. Resources

A. Library. The Twelve Churches ministry will work to create an extensive theological library that all member pastors will be able to access and use.

B. Materials. The member pastors will be provided with a personal library of critical resources for use in the weekly pastoral encouragement group, sermon preparation, and personal study. In addition, materials will be offered for empowering lay leadership and offering bible studies at the member churches.

C. MP3 Downloads. An efficient and effective way to share extensive resources with the member pastors will be to purchase each one an MP3 player and then work to routinely download additional materials for their use.

IV. Encouragement

A. Monthly Letters Of Encouragement. While the thrust of the Twelve Churches ministry is to equip, mentor, and train the member pastors, the heart of the ministry will be to encourage these humble pastors. As such, American pastors and lay leadership alike will be called upon to write monthly letters of encouragement through a translator to encourage these pastors and affirm the mighty work that they do for the Lord.

B. Family Packages. Most all of the member pastors have tremendous families that are sharing in the joys and the pains of the ministry. As such, Twelve Churches will work with American church groups to occasionally send care packages to the pastors’ families as a way to recognize their sacrifices and encourage their faithfulness.

V. Empowerment To Grow Lay Leadership

A. Materials For Lay Bible Studies. As discussed above, a central focus of the equipping and encouraging of the member churches is to assist them in identifying and growing lay leadership to assist the pastors in reaching and sheparding more of Christ’s people. As such, materials will be purchased and used during both the weekly pastoral encouragement group and in biweekly pastor meetings. Such materials may also include study guides for the member pastors to be used in bible study and leadership courses for their congregations.

B. Training Conference Designed For Lay Leaders. In addition to sending gifted speakers to encourage and equip the member pastors, Twelve Churches will also send speakers to provide conferences for the lay leadership within each member church. The conferences will be designed to assist such leadership in organizing ministerial efforts, leading small groups, providing bible study classes, and other similar topics.

VI. Means Of Transportation For Ministry

While not expressly budgeted for at the time of the initial ministry launch, Twelve Churches recognizes the importance of pastors and churches having their own transportation to effectively meet the ministerial needs of their local communities and to best work with other churches to further God’s kingdom in their cities. There may be opportunities for Twelve Churches to secure and transport donated automobiles to serve such needs in the future.

VII. Pastoral Care

A. Celebrate Recovery Opportunities. It is important that pastors identify and work through challenges that they have or may have in their personal lives. As such, Twelve Churches is committed to providing such self-care ministry opportunities as celebrate recovery or other similarly situated offerings to allow such pastors the opportunity to work through such challenges in an aura of confidentiality.

B. Spiritual Retreats. The member pastors working with Twelve Churches are working immense hours in ministry and most have significant family commitments on a daily basis. As such, it is of critical importance that all such pastors find time each year to seek solace and intense uninterrupted time with the Lord. As such, Twelve Churches is committed to providing each member pastor with the opportunity to have a minimum of one annual spiritual retreat at a site of rest.

C. Family Care. Again, the families of each of the member pastors are also living the ministry. To assist them, Twelve Churches will seek to provide an opportunity annually to allow the member pastor and his immediate family to take a short time of rest at an enjoyable location away from the local community. In addition, Twelve Churches hopes to continue prayerfully considering the possibility of assisting such families with some type of health benefit in the event of significant medical need.