Many of the pastors of the churches in Nicaragua have had very little formal theological or general leadership training. Despite such educational limitations, God has been using these men and their families to grow His kingdom in their communities. Yet, the immense stresses of full time ministry present significant challenges to such pastors and their congregations. The Twelve Churches ministry has been created to come alongside the local church to encourage, train, and equip its pastors and congregations to ensure strong theological teaching and preaching, to build lay leadership and greater spiritual maturity within the body, and to further reach people whom have yet to develop relationship with Christ whom are living within each of the local communities.

Twelve Churches believes that the local church can only be furthered by relying upon Nicaragua born leadership that best understands both the culture and the ways in which both Christ and the church has historically operated within the community. The local leadership will work to assist the churches in coordinating ministerial efforts, encourage the pastors through weekly group meetings and routine personal meetings, and assess overall congregational needs. The immediate role of the American leadership will be to support such efforts by such means as providing written resources, offering training conferences from experienced Christ-centered leaders, and generally encouraging those involved within this ministry to further affirm the ways in which God is working within the lives of the pastors and churches. In addition, while the central focus of the vision must remain on encouraging the power of the local church, the Twelve Churches ministry will also serve to help in connecting the physical and spiritual needs of the local people engaged by the member churches with resources that can be provided by ongoing missions teams from the United States. Such resources may include medical and eye clinics, vacation bible school, construction, and other similarly situated offerings.