How old do you have to be?  Typically we ask children be Middle School age.
What types of shots will I need? You will need Hep-B, Tetanus, Typhoid, MMR and a preventative drug for Malaria (Doxycycline usually)
Where will we stay? Our teams normally stay at the Phonecia Hostel in Leon.
What types of things should I pack? Check out our FORMS page under RESOURCES for a packing list.
How can my church, civic organization or business partner with 12 Churches? There are many ways to partner with our group.  Here are just a few ideas:  Prayer Partners, Letter Writing, Financial Partners,  be a part of a mission team, assist in assembling the resources for our trips (i.e. supplies, printing etc.).  Please email us at info@12churchesnicaragua.com to set up a time to discuss partnership opportunities.
What is the real heart of Twelve Churches? Building long term relationships with the 12 Churches in Leon and equipping them to bring true change to the community.
How can I go and take part in a mission trip to support Twelve Churches? Check out our OPPORTUNITIES page for upcoming trips.  Contact information is listed under each trip.
With which denomination is Twelve Churches associated? 12 Churches is a Non-Denominational ministry organized under the mandate of Christ in Matthew 28:19-20.
How can I learn more? Email us at:  info@12churchesnicaragua.com
Would someone from Twelve Churches be willing to come and speak at my church or organization? Absolutely!  We’d love to!  Drop us a line and we’ll get it set up for you. (info@12churchesnicaragua.com)